Blackjack game: read the basics

From the list of card games Blackjack is the popular one. This game is also known as Twenty-one, because the main goal is to collect no more than 21point. Blackjack is played by the limited number of people, which is determined by the betting areas on the table that are called "boxes". In game take part from 6 to 8 decks of 52 cards each. All cards are dealt face up.

Their value is as follows: Ace has either 1 or 11 points, according to the player's wish, faced cards and 10th are valued at 10 points, all other cards are valued as they are. Each Blackjack table has bet sign, which determines the size of bets could be made.

Rules of the game and gamer's options

Initially, at the beginning of the game, dealer has one card, each player has two. The main goal of gambler is to collect combination of cards which has no more than 21 points, dealer's value of cards should be 17 points. If either dealer or gamer will took more than the established value, he loses. In comparison to dealer, who is supposed to take cards just automatically and has no additional options, gamers may perform next steps.

  • Split identical cards into two hands. Each hand is playing separately.
  • Double the initial bet, if the combination seems to be winning.
  • Insure their bets from the possible dealer's Blackjack, in case if his first card is Ace. The insurance costs half as much as the first bet.
  • Surrender the game if the first two cards are unfavorable.

Today blackjack is played both in land-based and online casinos.

Blackjack betting systems

The card counting is the major blackjack strategy, which is based on certain mathematical steps. There are also blackjack betting systems which help to win.

Everything a gambler should do is to understand that blackjack systems, such as

  • Hi-Lo count
  • KO Count
  • Omega II etc.

All of them are of various difficulty levels, that is why even a beginner can find some strategy which will help him to win.

Card counting is a must know for all blackjack gamblers who want to make money out of this game. Developed in 1960s by Edward Thorp, this strategy really works and brings success to all blackjack gamblers (MIT Blackjack Team is a great example of that!).