Every continent on the Earth (Antarctica excluded but chances are there as well) appreciates and admires Blackjack. Black Jack was popularly known as "the twenty-one" during its earlier times. History proves the existence of "the twenty-one" in the adventures of Don Quixote. Earlier, the motive and the purpose of the game was to collect the Jack and the Ace of spades making it even more complicated and thereby, reducing the chances of winning.

This was when the game was renamed as "Blackjack". The difficulty range of the game is reduced to quite an extent nowadays, with the current main objective of merely collecting 21 points. The normal cards ranging from 2 to 10 digits represent their respective values, the king of the suit and the Jack resembles 10 points each and the Ace can be considered as 1 or 10 points as per the need of the player. Jokers are also used in the game, sometimes.


Blackjack strategy has stepped into existence, since its birth. The need for the strategy was felt as people wanted to win the games and earn easily to increase their income. But Blackjack strategy may let you win the game or may not. Trying a winning Blackjack strategy, while playing in a casino, would be of no help to you. Such strategies will be either restricted, or not revealed out to you.

After long years of waiting (a matter of several centuries), the history revealed an enormous and guaranteed amount of black jack strategies. The card counting strategy is the basic one and is used by most of the Blackjack players. Apart from this, there is the betting Blackjack strategy and the surrender strategy as well. Each strategy is utilized accordingly. So to tell, which one is the best strategy is quite difficult. For example, Surrender Blackjack strategy can be best utilized with the basic Blackjack strategy. The pair Blackjack strategy can be used only when you have pairs and so on and so forth.

During the pair Blackjack game, you always have the chance of splitting your cards at the beginning of the game. This in a way doubles your chances of winning but on the other hand even doubles the chances of losing as well. Few rules are to be taken into consideration while using this strategy. Split your cards on two aces and two eights, never split two tens of the card until and unless you are using counting cards Blackjack strategy. Although, it is advisable not to do so anytime. In all the other times, depending on the card status of the game and the partner, you can always split your pairs accordingly.