Casino Security

The technology lets no one else read your data apart from you. Encryption involves changing the letters or numbers into codes, which is unknown to anyone else. The decoder program can only decipher or decode the code and let you know your data only to you.

Personal Security Data

The Internet Banking lets you type in the following details:

  • Customer number
  • Memorable data
  • Three random numbers on your pass code number

Customer number

A 10 digit number will be sent to you via letter, wherein the confirmation for your internet banking service will also be mentioned. Banking services involved with Nationwide International will let you require this personal permanent customer number.

Customer number cookie

Cookies resemble the small amount of data sent to your computer, in order to recall the information pertaining to your account. An option of the requirement of the customer number cookie will be confirmed to you on signing into an Internet Banking with us. On your request to 'please remember my customer number' a cookie on your working computer will automatically store your customer number, helping you to sign in automatically, whenever you want to use internet banking services. It is advisable to use cookies on your personal computers only. We also request you to kindly replace the new customer number with the temporary customer number stored on your computer, if any.

Memorable data

Memorable data is asked for security reasons involved in accessing your account information. This is asked while you sign in and is an easy piece of information to be recalled. It is advisable not to use very obvious information like birthday dates of yours or your partner's, your address or the first name of your partner etc. which are too easy to guess.

Your memorable data can be changed easily whenever you want to change it.

  1. Sign in on the Internet Bank.
  2. Click over the 'preferences' on the menu bar.
  3. The left side of the page delivers an option of change memorable data, click on it.

Pass code number

The letter confirming your services with the internet banking service also consist of a pass code number of 6-digit numbers. You are free to change your pass number whenever you intend to, but then don't keep it too obvious and easy to guess. Random 3-digit pass code numbers will be asked on your signing in and must be entered using the mouse instead of keypad. This is in order to prevent your account from frauds and their usage.