How to play roulette and what bets to make

Roulette is a famous table games, which is heritage of each casino. The history of this game starts in Italy and spreads across all European countries and America. Depending on geographical arrangement, there are two major types of roulette: American and European. Gamblers like more European type, because of the higher winning possibility. American roulette increases rather house advantage than gamblers one, because of the double zero on the table layout. Roulette odds depend on the types of bets.

Gaming process

Roulette gaming process is quite simple. Roulette wheel is divided into small colored cells with numbers on each. After players made their bets, croupier launches the roulette wheel. The ball that revolves along the wheel's upper part will lend into some cell, determining winning number. The outcome of the round depends on type of bet.

Types of bets, Odds and payoffs

Table layout is divided into inside bets and outside. Inside bets are on the middle of the table. They are:

Along the edges of the table layout are situated outside bets:

The privileges of outside bets consist in set of numbers. In other words, player can bet on one number from the particular set. Odds of outside bets are higher, but the payoffs are lower.