You can be a good player the best one as a matter of fact, once you get through and understand the happenings across the table.

What Is Roulette?

A huge spinning wheel with numbers from 1 to 36 engraved on it, along with 0 and 00 is the Roulette table. The red and black color pattern differentiates the numbers with the green colored or patched 0's. The betting play out next to the spinning wheel is the area where the player's bets (ranging from major to minor) are formulated as per their wish with the motive of, of course, winning it.

Most of the Roulette tables consist of huge display screens featuring the last 10 to 15 numbers on it. With all the bets been decided and confirmed, the betting ball is ready to be spun in order to rest on to a number, hence determining the winner. Then the winner is paid off the winning amount and the betting process continues.

Roulette Types

Different kinds or types of Roulette bets can be made by a player with each bet having its own and different approach and chances of winning. Straight-up bets played by placing a chip on a single number are the types, which pay you the highest. Suppose you win on a 36:1 proportion bet, you are paid $36, which is indeed a huge profit.

A smart player usually bets on a number of blocks, instead of a single number, hence increasing the chances of winning. You can even bet on the red and black patched numbers, select amongst the even & odd numbers, between a low number or a high one, last but not least even amongst the whole huge section of the 12 numbers. A player can choose multiple sections and place the chip at whatever sections he/she wants, sometimes even mixing up the betting to be inside or outside.

Key points

The Roulette wheel is far more different from the betting table. The numbers are arranged numerically on the table, whereas the wheel features are all mixed up. This is done just to confuse the players and make it hard for them to determine, where exactly the ball hits.


The red and black colored numbers are highly bet upon, assuming the probability of winning the game to be 50/50, but this is a trick played in favor of the casino. If the ball rests on the green spotted zeros, then the bet is completely lost by the player.

Huge benefits and amounts can be won if the player's luck favors.