1. Get informed about the payoff for each game. Read the payoff information before playing. Choose the best pay out percentage and have knowledge of what you exactly are playing.
  2. Draft a money management criteria and play according to it, or else you may end up losing all your money much before you expected it to be.
  3. According to the budget you have, choose the game accordingly wherein you can invest the larger amount of money with the limited budget you have, so that the chances of winning the jackpot increase.
  4. Look out for the highest progressive slot games. Get informed and knowledgeable about which progressive slot games have paid out. Choose the ones, which have not paid out for long as it increases your chances of winning the game.
  5. While choosing online casinos, try locating the ones with greater giveaway, bonuses and comps as well. Such prizes can complement your losses during the game.
  6. Try not to play more with a motive to keep increasing your comps.
  7. Try playing wherein the winning opportunities are greater with a high pay back, rather than to going for machines with a good capability of recycling coins. The point is that the winning opportunities tend to be low in their case.
  8. Stick to your casino or a specific slot game until and unless the results turn out to be sour.
  9. Never be over confident on winning the game, even if you have been playing for long or you ought to be a good player. Always set your loss limit. Decide upon it and when you reach your limit of losing, stop playing or you will end up losing excessively.
  10. Try your luck with big jackpots if you turn out to be landing or playing on your lucky day. Try few shots and you never know, you might even win the jackpot!