Types of slot machines

Slot machines or also known as one-armed bandits are the popular type of entertainment in casino. The reason of such popularity is in simplicity of the game. All what gambler should do is just insert coins and pull the lever. Machine gives out particular combination of symbols, which might be winning or not. Earlier slots have only three drums and winnings were paid off in a form of some prizes. Nowadays, there are varieties of slot machines, which have not only lever, but also button or even touchscreen.

Types of slots

In comparison to other games such as Blackjack, for example, this type of game doesn't require skills or strategies. Win is just a matter of chance.

  • There are three reel slots, five reel slots, which are the simplest. The difference between them is in a quantity of reels and in amount of coins that should be inserted in order to win a jackpot. These slots are also called Straight and have some variants:
  • Multiplier - when reels have symbols that multiply winning amount.
  • Wildcard - particular symbol that may be substituted for any other symbol in a line.
  • Buy a Pay - machines with several payout tables
  • Multiple Paylines - allow playing on more than one play line.
  • Bonus multiplier - when one of the reels has a symbol, which multiplies bonus.
  • Progressive slots are machines which are linked with each other. They can be situated all over the gaming hall. The point of progressive slot is that each player, who plays at machine, makes a small contribution to a total jackpot. Winner will be one of participants.
  • Bonus game slots offer extra games at a certain combination of symbols.

All slot machines work with the help of random number generator. This is the program, which generates spontaneous symbols. It works every two seconds. Therefore it is unavailable to predict the result of the spin.